RAFFOLÉ the exceptional Dulce de Leche in the French market

RAFFOLÉ is the result of a balance between tradition and innovation. Our Dulce de Leche RAFFOLÉ is made with fresh milk from the North of France. Our commitment to local producers began more than two decades ago and we have since continued to focus on local and quality production. Our plant in Sains Richaumont produces a Dulce de Leche that always follows the highest standards of HACCP, is certified by IFS and BRC, and always obtains the highest marks in all audits. Our Dulce de Leche RAFFOLÉ has been chosen on several occasions as Flavour of the Year in France, always obtaining a great recognition by the utmost demanding public.

RAFFOLÉ, also produces caramel with salted butter, the finest and most gourmands of all caramels. RAFFOLÉ Caramel to salted butter is La Franco Argentine response to the emerging salty caramel market.

RAFFOLÉ also produces hazelnut and chocolate cream. Our bread spread DO NOT use palm oil unlike other hazelnut chocolate creams.