RAFFOLÉ Gourmet Dulce de Leche is the culmination of years of R & D. Innovation and adventure. A first line of products that will grow each season to promote new combinations and new gastronomic experiences. Suggestive, exotic, different combinations. Species, aromas, gustative experiences that will allow our clients a unique travel through the senses.

Traditional Dulce de Leche acquires its more mature version, more radical and more different. With our Gourmet range we respond to a selective market that demands to experiment with the unforeseeable.


• Caramel
• Hazelnut
• Salted butter to the Flower of Salt of Guérande
• Flower of Salt of Guérande

Raffolé Gourmet BIO

The most innovative bet of La Franco Argentine, to respond the market of ORGANIC products, is our Dulce de Leche RAFFOLÉ Gourmet ORGANIC.

An ORGANIC Dulce de Leche that keeps all the usual qualities of our Gourmet Dulce de Leche range, but adds an essential characteristic that makes it different, its ingredients are certified by the most demanding organisms as biological ingredients. It is therefore a question of offering our customers the possibility of tasting the best Dulce de Leche with full ORGANIC guarantee.